Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project "Shimmering Water"

Here I would like to introduce my recital project, which I will present from this Summer 2012.

Human beings cannot live without water and light and we consume both of these every day as a matter of course. When water shimmers in sunshine, in moonlight or in other kinds of light, it turns into a fantastic phenomenon, which captures human hearts and has inspired many composers to create beautiful music. Interestingly, much of this “watery music” has been written for the solo piano.

The first Chinese character in my first name, “ko=洸”, suggests light on water. I am much attached to shimmering water and I consider this theme important in my identity. I want to record and perform this program, “Shimmering Water”, in various countries and cities, preferably near water or beside water.

The program can be varied depending on the request of the concert organizer and the venue, also it can be divided into two or three parts on different aspects of Shimmering water. There are more than 20 composers (from early romantics to contemporary) who wrote pieces related to water, and some of my composer friends are writing a new piece for this project as well. I could even include some works that suggest an image of Shimmering water, even if the title doesn't refer to it. (for example Schubert Impromptu Op.90-3, Chopin Etude Op.25-1, Rachmaninoff Prelude Op.32-5, etc.)

Collaboration, Supports:
In order to make the project unique and attractive to many people, I also would like to collaborate with other artists on this theme, such as involving a stage artist, light artist, photographer, painter and others. I will appreciate contacts from others who may be interested in participating, including concert organizers, international CD distributors, sponsors and collaborators. In addition, I will be happy to receive any suggestions or ideas for this project by email here.