Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The FIFA Women's World Cup

The last Sunday, the final match of the FIFA Women's World Cup was held in Frankfurt. I watched it on TV with about 15 friends (including 10 Japanese) in a cafe in Berlin, and we all cheered the Japanese team. Each time the chance and the pinch came, we screamed so loud that the other customers and the waiters were frightened and even the cooks came out of the kitchen!

During the last PK, we held hands each other, forming a circle around the table and sending our spiritual energy... And our wish came true!!

It was the greatest and most emotional football match I had ever seen, and I was fascinated to see how the Japanese team held their toughness and natural self until the last moment of the match. Actually the members saw the video of the Japanese disaster the before the final match and agreed to fight for the victims. So this victory has a lot of meaning to us Japanese.

I would like to thank the Japanese female football team for their wonderful play and their strong and humble attitude throughout the whole event!