Saturday, January 26, 2013

Collaboration of Haiku - Music - Photograph

Last September, I premiered the work "7 Haiku sur le thème de l'eau" by my friend, French composer-pianist Thierry Huillet, in Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall. And I'm happy to share the video clip of the live recording which Thierry made and posted on Youtube.
Thierry composed it for my project "Shimmering Water", so all those Haiku poems have water as their theme.
I found it so interesting that some of the Japanese expressions were interpreted differently in the French version (by Maurice Coyaud) or added some words to concretize the scenery. For example: 3. "河郎 Kappa (or Kawataro)" is a legendary creature in Japanese folklore. But it is interpreted as "Ondin, Ondine" (male and female nymph).
I searched some English translation of those Haiku, but I gave it up because there are several versions and they are all slightly different.
Anyway, I hope you can enjoy listening to the music and watching the beautiful scenery of nature in Japan!
Thierry Huillet : 7 Haiku sur le thème de l'eau 
ティエリ・ユイエ: 水の主題による7つの俳句)

Piano: Kotaro Fukuma 福間洸太朗
Recitation : Toshio Yamada 山田敏雄

Live recording, September 2012, Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall

1 - 古池や 蛙飛び込む 水の音 (芭蕉)
Paix du vieil étang Une grenouille plong "Ploc" dans l'eau (Bashô)

2 - 露の玉 つまんで見たる わらべ哉 (一茶)
L'enfant essayait De garder des gouttes de rosée Entre le pouce et l'index (Issa)

3 - 河郎の 恋する宿や 夏の月 (蕪村)
Oh! refuges où ondins Ondines font l'amour Lune d'été (Buson)

4 - しぐるるや 鼠のわたる 琴の上 (蕪村)
Pluie d'hiver Une souris passe Sur le koto (Buson)

5 -春雨や 猫に踊を をしへる子 (一茶)
Pluie fine de printemps Une fille apprend Au chat la danse (Issa)

6 - いなずまや 舟幽霊の 呼ふ声 (炭太祇)
Eclairs, tonnerre Des épaves surgissent Les appels des matelots morts (Taigi)

7 - 暁や 鯨のほゆる 霜の海 (加藤暁台)
Aube Souffle des baleines Mer glacée (Kyôtai)

Photos by Thierry Huillet, Kamakura & Tokyo December 2010

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Greetings!

Happy new year, everyone!

My appologize for not updating my blog for a while. I had wonderful experiences and emotions last several months. The tour in Japan went very well, and I had a great honor to appear on the famous TV show "Tetsuko no heya" on September 18th, which started in 1976 and was certificated by the Guinness World Records in 2010 for the most broadcast record program by the same moderator, Ms.Tetsuko Kuroyanagi.

copy right: Kotaro Fukuma

And the next day, September 19th, my Debussy album released from the Nippon Columbnia (DENON) in Japan. Fortunately I had high praises in the Japanese magazines, including the Editor's choice in the Record Geijutsu, and I'm hoping that the album will release outside of Japan soon.
You can hear the extracts here.

In the middle of the tour in Japan, I went to Geneva to give a solo recital. It was my debut in Geneva, and I was overjoyed to play in the prestigious Victoria Hall. 

Photo: Philippe Schiller

In November I played "Quotation of Dream - Say sea,Take me!" by Toru Takemitsu in Turku, Finland. It is a fantastic piece for two pianos and orchestra which has fragmental quotations of Debussy's "La Mer", and I had a great pleasure to play it with Maestro Yukihiro Notsu, Ms.Kozue Jinnouchi and the musicians of the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra!
Actually we had a little problem in terms of piano setting, so they put the pianos behind the conductor (see the photo). It was my first experience to play "within" the orchestra, and it was so great feeling!! (like floating on shimmering water ;))

Photo: Kotaro Fukuma

After that I was in Tokyo, Helsinki, Geneva, Leipzig, Berlin, December. I celebrated the new year in Leipzig with some friends after having Japanese traditional "Toshikoshi Soba".

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all people who supported and inspired me in the year 2012. The theme of my recital program was "Shimmering Water", which I will continue occasionally this year and coming years, because it is a very important theme for me. But I'm preparing a new theme solo program as well as other exciting projects coming up this year. I hope to share the beautiful moments with as many people as possible!


copy right : Kotaro Fukuma