Tuesday, February 25, 2014

La tribune des critiques de disques (Debussy Estampes)

A French radio program, La tribune des critiques de disques, has a unique contents: the three musicologists hear 6 recordings of a particular piece anonymously and select the best version
for them. (It's like a CD competition?) 

They featured Debussy's Estampes and picked up my Debussy album (Editions Hortus 2013) as well as the following five other recordings.

Philippe Cassard (Decca 1990)
Rafal Blechacz (Deutsche Grammophon 2012)
Nelson Goerner (Zig Zag Territoires 2013)
Mariangella Vacatello (Brilliant Classics 2012)
Jean-Efflam Bavouzet  (Chandos 2007)

There were three rounds, and they eliminated two albums at each round. I was already honored to participated in this tournament among the renown pianists, but surprisingly my album went through to the final !

Of course this is subjective judgment, and the results can vary depending on the individual taste.
So I don't mention who wins and who is which number (they call a number for each album), and I suggest you hear the program without any preconception and see if you agree with them. Enjoy! 


Click the link above and click on "ÉCOUTER L'ÉMISSION", then the program starts automatically. (after the introduction they play the precious recording of the Soirée dans Grenade played by Debussy himself.)