Friday, April 18, 2014

"Homage to Birds and Water"

Spring has come at last in Berlin! I'm happy to introduce my special program for this season. 

Program:  "Homage to Birds and Water"
Rameau: Le rappel des oiseaux
Bizet: Chants du Rhin
Granados: Quejas ó la Maja y el Ruisenor (from Goyescas)
Schultz-Evler: Concert Arabesques on Themes of “By the Beautiful Blue Danube” by J. Strauss
Ravel: Oiseaux tristes, Une barque sur l’océan (from Miroirs)
Debussy: L’Isle joyeuse
Liszt: Deux Legendes
(1.St Fransis of Assise ‘preaching to the birds, 2. St. Francis of Paula walking on the waves)

This is an extension of my project "Shimmering water", in which I play various water music.
During the research of the works related to water, I heard "birds singing" in certain works in my imagination and also found an interesting fact that Liszt and Ravel wrote a bird piece and a water piece in one cycle. Indeed, many birds fly in the sky, but all need water for drinking or bathing in some kind of waterside. So they are related in reality and I thought it would be interesting to have those two themes in one program with various styles of music (from Baroque to 20th century, descriptive, lyrical, in waltz form, impressionistic, mystical).

April 23rd, Berlin, Piano Salon Christophori
April 29th, Chamonix, Le Majestic
May 15th, Miami, Colony Theater

And just by chance I found the following German poem, which fits perfectly for the concept of the program!

Nun säuseln linde
Aus Westen die Winde.
Schon rieseln die Quellen
Ins Tal hernieder.
Die Knospen schwellen.

Der Vögel Lieder
Erschallen wieder.
Schneeglöckchen läuten fern und nah:
Der Frühling ist da, der Frühling ist da!

- aus „Frühlingslied“, H. v. Fallersleben -

I wish you all a beautiful Spring!