Thursday, February 26, 2015

About my recent CD DUMKA : review by Bryce Morrison in Gramophone (UK)

" Fukuma again plays with unfailing expertise. [...]

Fukuma's Mussorgsky is more musicianly than forced or inflated, and he is notably successful in the eerie world of "Catacombae" and in the flickering half-lights of "Con mortuis in lingua mortua". There is delicacy and precision in the very different, floridly pianistic world of Glinka-Balakirev and a coolly phrased manner in Islamey (for Liszt, "an agreeable Oriantal rattle", once known as the most difficult piece ever written for piano).
Tchaikovsky's Dumka is both elegant and commanding, while the Stravinsky-Agosti Firebird is thrown off with an enviable brilliance and finesse."