Friday, December 23, 2016

Article dans "Pianiste"

Voici l'article complet de Stéphane Friederich sur Kotaro Fukuma - n°100 de la revue Pianiste, paru en septembre-octobre 2016. (la publication autorisée par l'éditeur)

Friday, December 16, 2016

Media appearance in Japanese Magazines

Kotaro Fukuma graced the cover of the cultural information magazine in Saitama, where he will play on January 21st. The concert is already sold out, so they decided to organize an additional concert on the same day!

(the publication authorized by the editor)
(the publication authorized by the editor)
Kotaro was featured in the monthly Magazine "Kateigaho" (February issue).

(the publication authorized by the editor)
 There was an article & review about his performance with Boris Giltburg in Buenos Aires in the Chopin Magazine ( January issue).

(the publication authorized by the editor)

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Reviews of the tour in Argentina

There were a couple of wonderful reviews from the tour in Argentina :

Buenos Aires Herald 
"Giltburg and Fukuma have in common an astonishingly precise technique up to any difficulty, a sense of form and style always led by impeccable taste and a comprehension that good dual piano playing needs the blending of two sources of sound by means of rhythmic precision. They are capable of massiveness and its opposite, delicacy of touch.
 El Diario
 "Deslumbrante encuentro musical a dos pianos"

("The bright musical encounter of two pianos")

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©El Diario

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